Much more than just a room:
sells experiences.

Day passes, romantic getaways, spas & wellness, gastronomy and restaurants, excursions and guided tours... Make the most of your hotel by offering these experiences to your guests and surprise them.

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The keys to the
Experiences module

Enhance your value proposition

Today's traveler is not just looking for a bed to sleep in: he expects to live an unforgettable experience at the destination. If you are creative in your offer of experiences, you will increase your ABV and boost loyalty.

Monetize your facilities

Increase occupancy and usage of your facilities or services and get instant liquidity by charging in advance.

You open the door to a new type of customer.

You will attract the local customer with experiences close to their place of residence, making them an ambassador of your brand and a valuable source of revenue, even in low season.

Visibility of Experiences on your website

Your customers will be able to find experiences through two main ways on your website:

  • 1. On a web page dedicated to experiences: where you can present them, group them by categories and sell them as gift vouchers or with a date of enjoyment.

  • 2. In the engine availability results: we can directly find the experiences in the searches performed. It is a very interesting option to include in emailings, booking confirmation banners, Upselling and Welcome emails, etc.

You can offer experiences in two different ways: with a date or with a gift voucher.

Dated experiences

With this option you can sell experiences with specific dates of enjoyment and whose beneficiary is always the buyer.

When a reservation of this type is made, the rooms are blocked on the dates for which the experience has been booked and the customer receives a voucher with all the useful information. Now all that remains is to enjoy!

Gift experiences

Perfect to surprise a friend or family member with an original and easy to buy gift! They are reserved without a specific date of enjoyment within an established period of validity and can be given as a gift to a third person.

Once the reservation is made, the prepayment is made (non-refundable) and both the buyer and the beneficiary receive a voucher with the conditions of the experience.

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