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At Roiback, as experts in the travel industry, we know that an effective contact center can represent up to 28% of your direct sales. To achieve this level of success, we provide you with a contact center solution that is fully integrated into your direct channel, ensuring an optimal booking experience for your customers. With our technology and expertise, we maximize conversion opportunities and improve customer satisfaction, thus strengthening your position in the hotel market.

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Improved direct care

The Contact Center is essential to increase your revenues.
It is the channel with the highest conversion and highest ADR:
29% of total calls are converted into bookings.

Get to know your guests better

Listen first-hand to your customers' needs and reduce up to 35% of cancellations. Deliver exceptional service and ensure a memorable experience for your guests.

Serve your customers beyond the phone

In addition to calls, we integrate the management of emails, chats, social networks and SMS in your Contact Center. Transform this resource into a fundamental piece for your loyalty.

Take control the easy way

All in the same environment and system. With MyWiseBoard and Roiback Reporting you will have all the information you need to manage your hotel in terms of reservations, profitability, channels...

The best of both worlds

Everything the online/offline world has to offer, in detail

Multichannel alignment of the commercial strategy

Integration with CRS and Booking Center

Connection to your PMS

Integrated reporting and billing

Integrated revenue strategy

Integration of campaigns and promotions

Aligning and strengthening your loyalty program

Easy sale of UP/Cross Selling and accessories

B2B module for agencies and companies

Integration in Social Media and Marketing campaigns

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"One of the many things we love about Roiback is that it requires minimal time from our developers to keep it running the way we want."

Joe Doe

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