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Pure performance

Our goal is for your hotel to maximize sales. For this, our Social Ads strategy is purely focused on Performance, and therefore we work with actions oriented to achieve bookings. To get the most out of Social Ads campaigns it is necessary to complement them with other Online Marketing strategies such as SEO, SEM, and Email Marketing.

Segmentation and Target persona

When we launch a new Social Ads campaign we are going to:

  • Segment the target person by: geographic location, language, age...

  • Select interests that can help you find users who have a similar profile to the hotel.

  • Identify audiences according to criteria such as the relationship that the user has had with the website, the relationship with the fan page, similar audiences...

  • Upload data of users who have already booked or are in the hotel's DDBB for Retargeting.

All formats and engagement options

Feed, Stories, Reels, In-stream, videos, photos, carousels, presentations, collections... We use all the necessary options and formats to boost your hotel's bookings on social networks.

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