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The art of SEO management

75% of the traffic on Google, to this day, is still organic. Take advantage of it and raise your brand to the top positions with the help of our team specialized in the hotel sector.

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Local SEO

Local SEO allows you to increase your hotel's sales by attracting qualified local traffic without the cost of investing in Digital Marketing campaigns. How do we do it? By reviewing and optimizing for you more than 12 different aspects, including all kinds of categories, urls, attributes, reviews, photos... All this after the strategy phase and taking into account these 3 keys:


We optimize your Google my Business listing by outlining your attributes, qualities and services. This way your business will be more relevant to Google and your customers.


We optimize your NAP (Name, Address, Phone), both in the Google my Business listing and in your website and OTAs. Geolocation and generic keywords give you the possibility to be found by those users who don't know you yet.


By working your content on the internet you will get more recognition from Google. It will increase your authority and improve your prominence.

SEO On Page

It is essential to take care and update the SEO of your hotel's website. That is why we focus on:


Brand positioning


Quality content


Mobile devices

content marketing

Improve your positioning by optimizing the desired keywords in your blog. In addition, we will obtain greater relevance and authority, two birds with one stone.


We design an Editorial Plan, defining the roadmap of publications based on your customers.


We schedule the contents taking into account the objectives and your brand identity.


Writing and publication of posts, thus growing organically in Google.


Sending positioning reports with which you will be able to review and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy.

Learn about our two SEO solutions

SEO Pack

The SEO of your website. We will elevate your hotel by working the keys of SEO On Page.

What does SEO Pack contain?

  • The SEO of your website. We will elevate your hotel by working the keys of SEO On Page.

  • Personalized content: show your value proposition and build a close relationship with users. Consequently, it improves your reputation in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

  • Mobile SEO: guarantee your positioning on any device

  • Segmentation by niches: we detect areas for visibility improvement.

  • Continuous implementation of technological improvements to your website

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SEO Advance

Improve the reputation of your website. Our objectives will be to attract new demand, get more relevance and more prominence, i.e. more recognition by Google.

What does SEO Advance contain?

  • SEO Plus: is the expansion of keywords that do not include your brand. By working on generic and long tail keywords you will appear in searches of users who do not know your hotel yet.

  • Local SEO: Did you know that Local SEO represents 20% of direct channel revenue? Increase your sales with this channel that boosts organic positioning by location.

  • SEO Blog: we keep your blog active on your website, creating and managing content carefully designed to position you with the desired keywords.

  • Off Page SEO: through link-building we generate quality links to increase the authority of your website.

  • SEO Audit: we analyze the current on and off page situation of your website, as well as technical aspects such as source code, links, site architecture, loading time or indexing. We also review the different communication channels or social networks of your hotel.

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