What makes Roiback unique:

our team

With more than 12 years dedicated to the hospitality industry and its complex digital technology ecosystem, our specialists will work as one of your business to achieve the highest return on investment.

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Our goal?

The success of your hotel

Technology doesn't stop, neither does your hotel. All Roiback shares the same goal: to be constantly evolving to offer you the best possible service.

How do we achieve this? With 5 perfectly interconnected teams, partners in more than 9 countries around the world and an efficient and honest communication with you. Get to know us!

creators of your online home

Composed of more than 35 people around the globe, the RB Design team is in charge of your hotel's web design. In addition, they dedicate part of their time to improvements and technical support to our RB Advisor team.

Data at a glance:

More of


360 web projects per year

More of


LITE web projects per year

More of


tickets resolved per year

Get to know the profiles that work on your website

Product Owner

Responsible for the development and maintenance of projects, team manager and coordinator using agile methodologies. This profile will be the single point of contact between clients and internal teams throughout the project.

UX/UI Designer

Collects all the necessary information from the hotel and designs the website and functionalities according to your needs. It is also in charge of quality control on all devices.

Content Specialist

Upload and manage web content using our CMS. Troubleshoot issues, optimize images, text and review SEO best practices.

Front End Engineer

His work focuses on translating UX/UI Designers' designs into code to create visual and converting websites.

Backend Engineer

He implements the technical part of the website. In addition, he creates and maintains the web components and their code and tests new developments.

CRS LITE Specialist

Create exclusive web content for our LITE customers. Helps improve our booking engine (CRS) and the integration with the main Channel Managers.

boosting your Digital marketing

With more than 10 years dedicated to the hotel industry, RB Digital is the team behind our Digital Marketing solution. They are not a traditional agency, their power lies in their deep understanding of the hotel industry and its challenges.

In their DNA is reflected an authentic WIN-WIN work model and that is why they feel part of our client's team, as an extension of the Ecommerce and Revenue departments.

Side by side with the best

How does the RB Digital team work?

In this complex Digital Marketing ecosystem, your work is focused on helping the hotelier to get the most out of their investment and exceed their goals by far. These are the 4 keys:


Visibility and traffic are two key levers for the hotel direct channel. The goal is to improve your brand's online visibility and drive qualified traffic to your official website.


The focus is on reducing dependence on online intermediaries and increasing the share of the direct channel, while keeping your profitability under control.


Loyalty is the last step in disintermediation. Building a customer loyalty strategy is a fundamental lever for improving the profitability of the direct channel.


From the first day of the collaboration, RB Digital will work out a strategy and implement it as a single team with your hotel to achieve the same goals.

RB Digital is one of the top 3% of Google's top performing partners. In addition, Roiback was the first booking engine to achieve this distinction.

The best specialists in direct sales

At Roiback you will never walk alone. Our optimization team is the one that accompanies you from day one in the management of the direct channel and aiming to maximize your direct sales.

You will have a person who will work with you to know in detail your needs, will help you gather information about the performance of your website and provide solutions to maximize the direct channel.

Meet the DCS, a unique and original profile of Roiback

The RB Advisor team is formed by DCS (Direct Channel Specialist). This is a unique figure that emerges in Roiback with the fundamental mission of making your sales grow, in addition to adding value with their experience and accompanying you in this adventure of direct sales. Your DCS will be your right hand in everything related to direct sales. It is an analytical, rigorous, proactive and expert profile in the direct channel whose main objective is to grow your sales. He/she will work on optimization and will advise you on new trends in online marketing and hotel distribution.

passion for

Our IT team is the largest in Roiback and is in charge of planning, developing, implementing and maintaining innovative technological services that contribute to the efficiency of processes, the improvement of our products and the development of new ones, always focused on the needs of your hotel.

RB Tech, our IT team, is the largest within Roiback.

RB Tech is responsible for developing new features, new products, managing customer demand and maintaining the following areas:


Roiback Booking Engine

Metabase Pro




Roiback R&D

The RB Lab team aims to align our products with the needs of your hotel to grow the direct channel, all through technological innovation.

Its main areas are:

Business Intelligence

Loyalty Strategy

competitive analysis

Evolution of the
Roiback products

Products with

Learn about the work of a Product Dev. Manager

The Product Dev. Manager is responsible for Partnerships, Product evolution, Search Engine evolution and CRS. His/her objective is to develop the main Roiback products and services defined in the product roadmap.

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