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Email Marketing

A must-have among the must-haves

Despite its widespread use, Email Marketing is a powerful tool that is not always used to its full potential. Take care of it and it will be one of your favorite marketing channels.

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What do we do for your Email Marketing channel

The three key pillars


You will have a hotel CRM fully integrated with our Booking Engine and with our Loyalty module.


Our team will be in charge of designing, configuring, activating your campaigns and measuring the results.


If you have the resources to manage the channel but need support, we will advise you strategically to get the most out of your Email Marketing.

100% technology for hoteliers

  • Unify your entire database in a single tool

  • Reach customers from other channels and refer them to your direct channel

  • Segment and filter to personalize your communications

  • Update your customer information in real time

  • GDRP compliant

  • Integrated with our Booking Engine to collect all your customer's booking information

  • Maximize revenue from your Email Marketing Channel

Management of your customer's entire Customer Journey

We detect your customer's "hot spots" and cover the entire Customer Journey through Email Marketing.





Strategy for your Email Marketing Plan

  • Consulting: We perform an analysis of the current point and develop a strategic plan. This will serve as a roadmap to manage your Email Marketing channel in the most efficient way and with the best results.

  • Accompaniment: We make an annual action plan and quarterly analyze the results of your Email Marketing channel, review the next campaigns to launch and propose actions to improve the KPIs on an ongoing basis.

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"One of the many things we love about Roiback is that it requires minimal time from our developers to keep it running the way we want."

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