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Meta search engines

71% of travelers start their booking
on a metasearch engine.

Exploit this leverage with our Metabase Pro tool, the platform that allows you to control your campaigns on all the metasearch engines. 100% proprietary software, 100% adapted to your hotel.

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The keys to being in the metasearch engines

Return on investment x20

That is, if you have 1€, you have 20. It is undoubtedly one of the most profitable investments in Digital Marketing for your campaigns.

Increase your online visibility

Meta-search engines allow you to be present throughout a customer's purchase decision process.

Compete with intermediaries with an advantage

With a small budget you can have great results in this channel, especially in relation to OTAs.

Direct integrations, single point of control

Metabase Pro has direct integration with the main metasearch engines, so that from a single point we connect and send the rates and availability of your hotel. Analyze and measure your actions with real-time reports.

In addition, in Roiback we are preferred partners of the major metasearch engines. This streamlines the operation and allows us to offer you the best service.

Manage any bidding model

You will be able to use any bidding model (CPC, CPA and Commissionable), thus adapting the strategy of the campaigns in the metasearch engines to your hotel.

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Machine Learning and automation

Maximize your investment with artificial intelligence and Machine Learning:

  • Automated bidding, allocating budgets, channels and campaign timing to optimize conversions and ROI

  • Automated forecasting of KPIs, considering variables such as level of investment, metasearch channels used and campaign dates

Advanced options

  • Shipping Loyalty Rates (Qualified Rates)

  • Creation of campaigns or bid multipliers focused on lists of audiences.

  • Sending special prices with discounts already applied for users already registered in the hotel's loyalty program (Private Rates).

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