The Digital Marketing agency that is part of your hotel

With more than 12 years dedicated to the hospitality industry and its complex digital technology ecosystem, our specialists will work as one of your business to achieve the highest return on investment.

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The best wedding rings

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Upgrade your digital marketing

Meta search engines

Turn every euro invested into 20 thanks to our experts and Metabase Pro, the only platform to manage your campaigns on all meta search engines.

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Position yourself higher than ever and take full advantage of this important channel with our SEO services.

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Increase your visibility, get quality traffic, protect your brand and take full control of your online campaign costs.

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Display ads in an automated way in different online channels, connecting your hotel with the audience segments you decide and at the time that will have the most impact.

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social ads

Boost your digital marketing strategy by getting bookings through social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

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email marketing

Get the most out of the Email channel with inspiring campaigns that connect with your guests, whether for acquisition, loyalty or cross-selling.

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Advertise in our affiliate network and pay only for the bookings obtained.

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Web Analytics & reporting

Control, measure and optimize all your online campaigns. We will help you analyze your KPIs to improve your results.

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Passion for
Digital Marketing

If there is something that defines us, it is our involvement and desire to improve ourselves day by day. That is why we work with a true WIN-WIN model in which if you win, we win.

What we can do for you

The perfect plan


Because "power without control is useless". We analyze your case, define the objectives, draw up a plan, activate it and monitor it to optimize the campaigns continuously.

Visibility and traffic

Two key levers in your direct channel. Attract quality traffic to your website to convert it into bookings, and on the other hand, capture new demand and boost your brand.


Pamper the returning guest, because he/she will become a prescriber of your brand. Our team will help you to boost your Loyalty strategy so that they repeat, repeat, repeat...


We reduce dependence on other intermediaries to increase the share of the direct channel, always within a distribution strategy carefully managed by our DCS (Direct Channel Specialists).

Backed by Roiback's unique, state-of-the-art technology


Automated product catalog creator for Display purposes.


Tagging tool that helps our tracking to be more accurate (BETA).

SEM tool integrated with Google Ads API that allows us to improve optimization through Smart Bidding strategy and creation of 1st party audiences.


Our loyalty solution that allows us to create high quality data with which we can feed our Email Marketing automation and audience generation strategies.


Our technological HUB has a direct connection with the most relevant metasearch engines and provides the opportunity to optimize campaigns using Machine Learning algorithms.

Get full control and
in real time.

Clicks, Conversions, Revenue, CPA, ROI, Market Share %, Cost, Invoice... Consult all traffic and performance KPIs with the possibility of applying filters by digital marketing channel, period, chain or hotel.

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Jasmine City Group

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SH Hotels

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Salobre Hotel Resort & Serenity

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"One of the many things we love about Roiback is that it requires minimal time from our developers to keep it running the way we want."

Joe Doe

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June 26, 2024

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