Travel Agencies Module

Forget about intermediaries and optimize your B2B distribution

If you work with a high degree of direct sales to agencies or companies through non-digital channels, our Travel Agency Module helps you organize, structure, automate processes and monetize distribution. All this through an intuitive platform integrated with Roiback's booking engine and CRS, without leaving home!

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The keys to the
Travel Agencies Module

Streamlines processes with travel agencies

It allows your agencies to quickly access the system and be immediately operational. There they can view prices and conditions, and easily make reservations.

Improved control and conditions of sale to the B2B channel

Define group commission, cancellation policies, rates and payment methods with maximum level of detail (hotel, agency, rate, channel, period...).

Configure your management model: net or commissionable rates

The advanced commissionable model (Multi Commission) allows you to define different commissions with a high level of detail.

Simple registration and booking flow

  • Exclusive portal for travel agents and companies

  • Easy and fast registration through a form

  • Automatic approval flow from the chain, hotel or sales team

  • Bulk uploading of pre-existing agencies and companies to facilitate start-ups

  • Easy three-step booking process, offering each agency/company the configured terms and conditions

Special configuration for the channel

  • Configuration of commissions at hotel, group or rate level

  • Special rates for agencies or companies. Allows you to show or omit availability of rates or even configure discounts per establishment.

  • Conditions, cancellation policies and forms of payment specific to an agency, site or group of agencies

  • Tools for defining the credit configuration of an agency or group of agencies at the hotel level

  • Allows to exclude from the sale agencies types of rooms

  • Management of compatibility of terms and conditions with campaigns aimed at the general public

Massive management

  • Query, control and manage users on a mass scale for agencies

  • Quickly and efficiently modifies the system conditions of all agencies that meet certain conditions

Three-way confirmation bonds

We send 3 vouchers with each booking made by a travel agency:

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