Price-Check, Customization
and Optimization

The future lies in customization

Every customer is a world. Offer them a unique experience that will make you perceive a 15~30% increase in their direct bookings from day one.

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The keys to Price-check and

A luxury partner

The Hotels Network integrates seamlessly with the Roiback suite to offer you a wealth of features and tools that will optimize your booking experience.

Customize and win

You have multiple formats for each website and each use: smart notifications, messages before website exit, advanced time, user and reservation rules or dozens of different styles and conditions for each display.

Measure and optimize with business intelligence

Your key ally in data measurement and analysis. Create tests for campaigns, measure disparities in metasearch engines, analyze demand and purchase intent and much more with our tools.

For conversion

You will have several tools at your fingertips to achieve the conversion goals you set:

  • Ratings: with visibility on the home page, manually selected comments and connected to the main rating sites. Available in multiple languages and sorted by travel intent: business, family, etc.

  • Price Comparator: get real-time searches, as this is the only way to ensure that OTA prices are always up to date.

  • Price matching: Combat disparities with this tool. When an OTA offers a lower price than yours, match it with an offer to your customers.

  • Price disparity reports: keep track of OTAs' price disparities, with our detailed reports of each user's exact search.

For customization

Personalization of the user experience is the key. And for this we offer you a multitude of solutions such as:

  • Smart Notes: convince your customers to book through web notifications.

  • Exit: "Are you leaving already? Just a moment, we just found this offer that is perfect for you". Recover a user who leaves with this type of message.

  • Layers: configure your website with dozens of different styles and display conditions.

  • Inliners: fully integrated, this type of configurable messages will seamlessly become part of your website.

Advanced time, user and booking rules: go much further by customizing timings, locations, traffic sources, loyalty, retargeting, availability...

For measurement

Data is information, and information is power. Measure your conversion KPIs by market, medium, lead time, source... To control so much power you will have the following weapons in your hand:

  • Experiments: a powerful tool to create tests and measure each message to optimize conversion.

  • Metasearch: measure and keep price disparities in metasearch engines (Trivago, TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Ads) in check.

  • Demand analytics: Focus the efforts of your sales and marketing department by analyzing demand and purchase intent for your hotel.

  • Price Comparison Packages: check that your hotel offers the best price online with our price comparator for Flight + Hotel.

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