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Show your ads in an automated way in different online channels, directly to your audience and at the most optimal time. Our team and the most advanced tools in the market will make you get the highest ROI possible!

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The keys to programmatic advertising

Create specific segments based on market trends and your customer typology.

Generate impact on mobile devices by displaying creative and dynamic advertisements.

Show your ads to the audience you decide, in the markets you decide and at the times you decide

Display & video Ads

Intelligent advertising

2 Main objectives

Attract new potential customers (Prospecting). That is, show your brand to a target audience that does not know you but could be interested in your hotel.

Attract the attention of users who have already visited your hotel's website (Remarketing). Re-engage them with highly visual ads to convince them to visit you again and finally book.

Personalize and automate your Display campaigns

Designed specifically for managing and creating product catalogs (feeds), with Roiback Feed you will be able to optimize them to the maximum in personalized and automated Display campaigns with dynamic content.

Improve your Brand Awareness

Investing in Display & Video Ads is a highly effective strategy for campaigns to obtain maximum visibility and notoriety of your brand through the publication of Banner or Display.


At Roiback we can collaborate in the integration with any agency, either retargeter or data provider, in order to show ads to segmented audiences.

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"One of the many things we love about Roiback is that it requires minimal time from our developers to keep it running the way we want."

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