Team prosperity

People as a fundamental pillar

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Training and development plan

The prosperity of people is key to leave no one behind on the road to sustainable development. At Roiback, we want to promote the career of our talents and that 100% of them have a development plan through training within the company.

We take care of our

We ensure the well-being of our team by annually reviewing our benefits offerings and adapting them to the real and changing needs of each region.

People are our driving force, so the most important thing is the well-being of the team. We firmly believe that work-life balance is key. To this end, we offer initiatives that contribute to a better work environment and facilitate the development of talent.

Volunteer plan

In addition, we are committed to actively listen to our environment and the community, organizing and executing solidarity and volunteer campaigns. At Roiback we have 8 hours of working time available for volunteering activities.

Our goal is to organize volunteer days so that 100% of our team can contribute, through their work, their grain of sand in social and environmental projects in the destinations where we have offices.

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