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Be the first and get quality traffic

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is much more than Google Ads. It is a fast and effective way to boost your hotel's sales while protecting your brand.

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The keys to invest in SEM

Google accounts for 92% market share among the different search engines.

Increase the visibility of your hotel quickly and immediately (in case of launching a new offer, for example).

Get quality traffic and convert it into new bookings

Premier Partner of

Roiback is in the top 3% of Google's top-performing partners and the only booking engine to achieve this distinction.

Thanks to this:

  • We have direct access to a team of consultants 24/7

  • We have preferential access to BETA test for new functionalities.

  • We have developed Roiback Launcher together with Google, our proprietary technology and maximum performance via API. This allows us to have the best control and performance of the campaigns.

Smart Bidding and Google

With Smart Bidding technology and our own data we better profile the customer we are targeting through the campaigns.

In addition, we continuously work with every Google novelty and make use of the entire Google Ads repository of ads and extensions.

RB Launcher

The evolution of automatic SEM campaign optimization is here and it's called RB Launcher. We have integrated our CRS with the Google Ads API: this opens the door to countless functionalities and technological innovations.

With 100% Roiback code, the RB Launcher platform will provide you with:

  • Speed and efficiency in the creation of campaigns directly without going through Google's tools.

  • Collect 1st party CRS audiences to exploit in Google Ads

  • Intelligent optimization for each hotel and market through Smart Bidding and Google Ads Machine Learning in combination with our own data.

  • The possibility of working with different profitability targets to better adapt to budgets and sales objectives.

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"One of the many things we love about Roiback is that it requires minimal time from our developers to keep it running the way we want."

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