Turn your hotels into loyalty machines

Did you know that it is up to 10 times cheaper to build customer loyalty than to acquire a new one? Optimize your loyalty lever with Loyalty and Loyalty Advance, our two technology platforms designed for all types of hotels and strategies.

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The keys to Loyalty

Captures database

Loyalty is a very powerful recruitment tool thanks to the locations where the module appears. In addition, the registration process can be through a configurable form or Social Login, which makes it much more effective.

Differentiate yourself and succeed

Working with the Loyalty module allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors and intermediaries, giving the best price and value-added advantages to your registered customers. It also shows the Loyalty price in metasearch engines: use it as a tool to mitigate possible disparities with third parties!

Customize and take care of
the details

Loyalty Advance allows you to launch programs by membership levels based on stays, nights or money spent. This way you can offer different discounts and benefits to your customers as they increase their level.

Expand your connectivity

Our Loyalty APIs allow you to connect your program to other tools, such as a CRM, where you can collect all the information of your registered users, segment your database and work your relationship marketing.


  • Invitation to register as soon as the user arrives at your site

  • Easy registration via form or Social Login

  • Recognition of a registered user for one year

  • Customer area

  • Presence throughout the booking process

  • Loyalty price submission to metasearch engines


  • Collect your entire database in a single tool

  • Real-time segmentation

  • Configuration of automatic shipments

  • Generation of dynamic and customized content per user and hotel

  • Personalization of commercial campaigns

  • Reporting

Segmentation and customization

  • All the features of our Loyalty platform

  • Membership levels

  • Benefits differentiated by level in the booking process

  • Definition of levels by frequency, expense, roomnights, number of bookings, or combination of several.

  • Management of rules to upgrade, downgrade or maintain member level

  • Possibility of launching exclusive promotions for a specific level

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