Roiback focuses on Self-Service, Automation and Digital Marketing in Hotel Technology


January 29, 2024


Palma de Mallorca, January 22, 2024.‍

Roiback, an award-winning HotelTech company specializing in technology and Direct Channel strategy for chains and independent hotels around the world, announces at FITUR 2024 its improvements in self-service, automation and digital marketing for the hotel industry.

Roiback: A robust and reliable International Company

As part of the HBX Group, Roiback is well known for its robust and reliable international presence, and substantial investment capacity (in 2023, the company doubled its investment in research, development, and innovation).


HotelTech has high standards in system performance, security and control. This reputation positions Roiback as a trusted supplier in the hotel technology sector.


With ambitious plans for a large geographic expansion during 2024, Roiback is set to broaden its presence on a global scale while maintaining a local focus, with dedicated teams and key local partners ensuring tailored support and market-specific strategies.


Tech Innovation to improve conversion rates and efficiency.

Self-Service and Automation: Enhancing consumer flexibility and hotel efficiency.

Roiback designs its latest self-service solutions to automate critical hotel tasks while offering greater flexibility to end users. It includes enhancements to ePayments (a proprietary technology for digital payments) and a more efficient booking flow, seamlessly integrated into the direct sales process.


These improvements drop cancellations by 15%, improve the lead time by 14%, and seamlessly reduce the manual tasks for the hotel team.


Leading the way in Loyalty Solutions

Roiback continues to lead in direct channel loyalty solutions, leveraging technology, bespoke solutions, and expert consultancy. The aim is to grow the direct channel through effective loyalty strategies, reinforcing the importance of direct customer engagement and retention.


Roiback clients are improving the revenue from the email channel by 208%, with reservations with an ADR (average daily rate) 16% higher than the average.


Dynamic Packaging: A rising trend in the Direct Channel

Dynamic packaging in the direct channel is becoming increasingly popular, with more hotel chains incorporating this solution.


Roiback's dynamic packaging offers an innovative approach to bundle services (including flights and ancillary services), enhancing the value proposition for final customers, reducing cancellation rates, improving engagement, and increasing revenue for the hotel (+10% average booking value).


Comprehensive Business Intelligence Solutions

Roiback introduces more comprehensive Business Intelligence solutions that enable faster identification of opportunities and improved data-driven decision making. These solutions provide actionable insights that help hoteliers create data-driven strategies and ultimately drive better results in the direct channel.


The focus is empowering decision-makers by facilitating data analysis and combining various metrics and dimensions to provide clear visibility of what is happening in the direct channel.


CRO: Continuous Focus on Conversion Improvement

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) remains one of the main objectives of Roiback, which has a dedicated team that continually strives to improve metrics for all its clients.


Applying a scientific approach based on data analysis, the team examines user behaviour, user experience, technical enhancements, and their impact on conversion rates.


Integrated Insurance Solutions in Booking Engine

The integration of insurance solutions in the booking engine is designed to improve conversion rates and boost the sale of non-refundable rates. This feature not only enhances customer's trust but also adds value to the hotel's offering and improves cash flow.

Digital Marketing. A cornerstone for 2024 hotel growth strategy


Roiback has expanded its digital marketing services to clients not using the Roiback booking engine, demonstrating its versatility and capability to serve a broader market


This move significantly showcases Roiback's adaptability to client Tech Stack preferences.


Roiback is also emphasizing the standalone capabilities of its metasearch engine solutions and specialized technology offerings. This initiative reinforces the adaptability and scope of Roiback's services, providing tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of the hotel industry.


Digital Marketing Trends

Roiback is actively engaged in discussing and adapting to upcoming trends in digital marketing. This focus underscores the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


By keeping abreast of these trends, Roiback ensures that its clients benefit from the latest advancements and techniques in digital marketing.


In addition to the team's expertise in SEO, SEM, Email Marketing Automation, Metasearch, Display, Video & Social Ads, they have developed important advances in aspects such as privacy management, the new scenario without cookies, conversion attribution and the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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