Backhotel Lite

All the power of Backhotel in pocket version

Compact, agile and super optimized for conversion. If you manage an independent hotel or a small chain and need to start selling direct now, Backhotel Lite is your solution.

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The keys to Backhotel Lite

Starts engines in a short time

In a few weeks, BackHotel Lite will be ready to increase your bookings.

Intuitive configuration

Adjust its features without being a computer expert.

Reservation in the blink of an eye

If Backhotel Lite is programmed to be easy to manage, it is also designed to make booking even easier.

Convert like never before

By having an agile 3-step booking process, Backhotel Lite maximizes the profitability of your website visits by converting them into bookings.


Converts to the maximum

  • Responsive design

  • Reservation in 3 steps

  • Multi-currency

  • Automation of alternatives to dates without availability

  • Promocodes

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your command post

  • Flexibility in pricing, conditions, restrictions and tariffs

  • Creation of discounts by type of room and length of stay, configurable by hours and days of the week.

  • Cancellation policies differentiated by time of day or day of the week

  • Notice of non-availability, low quota and expiring offers

  • Dashboard with the main KPI's incorporated in the CRS

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